Pin-point accuracy caught on camera

Aerial targets

Introducing Rik Sellwood – Service Development Manager, Range Capability Services

The Aerial Targets systems in QinetiQ’s weapons division routinely provide training support to the Royal Artillery firings of High Velocity Missile and Rapier air defence systems at sites in the Hebrides, Manorbier and the Falkland Islands.

The picture illustrates one of the latest innovations on the contract, an onboard video camera to capture footage of target performance, further enhancing our ability to fault find and, in turn, increase target reliability. This shot was taken during the recent campaign at Manorbier where a total of 19 ‘Banshee’ sorties were flown, with three targets shot down, and shows a successful missile engagement where the dart passed within three metres of the target.

This part of the service is run from a small Army-owned site in Wales, where five full-time QinetiQ employees reside, routinely conducting Banshee flights as a key element of the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) HVM missile training. Led by Richard Owen, the team of Derek, Bonno, Dan and Al are supported by the rest of the Combined Aerial Targets Services (CATS) team at Aberporth, Hebrides and Boscombe Down to deliver the Banshee element of the 20-year CATS contract. Mark Sydenham, the Aerial Targets Operation Manager, said: “Yet another excellent campaign demonstrating the routine value for MoD missile firers.”

Aerial target imageTo get in touch with people who know how to design target threat emulations, please contact Mark Sydenham (




2 thoughts on “Pin-point accuracy caught on camera

  1. Very Nice write up. Would have been better if the manufacturers of the target system were mentioned.
    The tail fin should still have a Meggitt sticker on it along with the QinetiQ one.

    • Rob you are right and we will correct this next time, unmistakably a Meggitt Banshee