How oil and gas extraction has been improved by QinetiQ’s weapons technology

Nick Jenner – Business Development, QinetiQ Weapons Division

In another successful example of how QinetiQ has applied military technology to provide commercially sound solutions, we illustrate the benefits that our research pedigree can bring to bear in the commercial arena, where we are cooperating successfully with customers outside of our core business. 

Working closely with Shell International E&P, QinetiQ has created technology that enables the increased extraction of oil and gas from wells. Whilst traditional well perforators use conventional charges to create holes in the underground reservoir to access oil or gas, the new technology uses a combination of materials and shaped charges, providing a more accurate charge, producing enlarged stable holes in the reservoir suitable for increased extraction rates.

Having successfully proved that this ‘Reactive Perforating Technology’ worked, QinetiQ now licences several patents to its US-based client GEODynamics, which market the product as CONNEX® Perforating systems to companies providing well services to oil and gas operators.

CONNEX® Perforating products are the first in a new class of reactive shaped charge, which bring novel functionality to the well-established shaped charge perforator. Reactive charges generate a secondary reaction in the perforation tunnel, thanks to proprietary liner metallurgy and charge design. The reaction generates a sharp spike of pressure in the tunnel, which expels crushed rock and other debris into the wellbore, leaving a clean tunnel without the need for underbalance or other clean-up techniques. The ensuing superior production rates, enhanced well stimulation, and reduced lifting costs translate into a handsome return on investment.

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