Thinking about an apprenticeship?

If you’re thinking about taking up an apprenticeship – or indeed a graduate placement – the first thing you should do is take a very close look at the companies that you’re thinking of joining. Some of the ‘big brands’ such as QinetiQ, Atkins and Babcock are good, high-quality companies, with deep experience of running these types of youth training programmes.

Next, you have to look for real commitment from the company to train, develop and upskill their incoming graduates and apprentices. Ask yourself these questions: is the CEO, for example, personally engaged in the programme? Does he or she believe that the investment is the right one for the future? Do you get the feeling that the ethos to train and develop young people runs throughout the company? If the answer to these questions is yes, then there’s another tick in your box.

Another consideration is the practical assets that you’ll be offered. Will you be working in a classroom, and are you going to get real hands-on experiences with engines, aircraft or any other types of asset?

Finally, we believe there’s one other thing that you need to consider: you’re looking to be equipped in terms of your personal skills and your personal development so ask yourself if you feel that the company’s programme will offer you a more ‘social rounding’. Equipped with the answers to these questions, you should feel confident in making the right choice for you.

Find out more about QinetiQ’s apprenticeship scheme or our graduate programmes.

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