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Miles Adcock, Managing Director, QinetiQ Training

Miles Adcock, Managing Director, QinetiQ Training

Since its inception in 2001, QinetiQ has been trusted by customers to provide expert training across the whole spectrum of domains, focused predominantly on technology-enabled products and services. Our overriding philosophy has been to remain completely technology agnostic –always bringing the best to bear that the market offers.

The deep expertise of our people, combined with a truly independent position means we never have to limit our thinking to existing training technologies, tools, or techniques, increasing the speed at which we can deliver impact and change to our key customers.

We want our customers to be as excited about open architectures as closed architectures, and we actively encourage them not to get locked into technology solutions or proprietary technology; the world is moving so fast, they have to remain flexible and agile reflecting the needs of the digital generation.

The challenge is no longer proving how training can be delivered synthetically but the assurance of safe blends that deliver agile training and education at the point of need, 24/7, matched to your timetable.

Now we’re extending that message further to say stop specifying and buying technology! Instead, tell us what your real operational needs are, what you’re trying to achieve with training, and what capability you want your people to have. And as QinetiQ Training  – a truly cross-QinetiQ entity that encompasses all our world-leading expertise – we’ll partner with you to ensure you achieve those goals.

As a customer, no matter what part of QinetiQ you deal with, you’ll be connected to our entire training capability. Around the globe, we train 1000s of people, from cyber apprentices to test pilots, in classrooms, remotely, in mixes of virtual worlds and real settings, air, land and sea. We are a genuine strategic training partner, more than a provider of technology, helping you realise effective and efficient training. We believe this is where we differ from the majority of the market.

Today, you may be tempted by a ‘piece’ of technology − a simulator, a game you can use for training, or something that sits alongside that. We believe you shouldn’t spend time understanding and learning to use different pieces of technology; instead, we can make all these technologies wrap together, talk to each other and, depending on your needs, offer you a common user interface. Tell us how you work, what you like to interface with, and what outcomes you need, and we’ll present that to you, and manage all the different technologies behind the scenes providing you with the complete training service.

Clearly, there are significant cost efficiencies associated with our approach, not least the fewer of your resources required to manage training technology. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what you buy, or what you want; we can control it all and, using that approach, if in a year’s time there’s a new piece of kit you want, we just remove the old and insert the new, whereas in the past, once you’d chosen your technology ‘lane’ you’d be absolutely stuck in it.

Security is another major efficiency gain. Military, and high risk industrial training facilities, naturally operate at very high security levels; imagine someone at home wanting to engage in a training exercise through a computer – for instance, a complex mission rehearsal involving 200 people – and they’d like to play the role of one of the pilots, providing stimulation for everyone in the training event. Well, they can’t participate because the event is secure and the internet isn’t. However, QinetiQ Training understands the communication issues and we can very easily insert a filter box to ensure multi-level security.

The future gamer generation has expectations of ‘wherever, whenever’ training, and we’ve been pushing innovation in immersive, exciting learning. As far as researching the use of gaming and commercial technology for military training, the UK MOD has been far more progressive than any other country, and QinetiQ has been significantly involved in the vast majority of that work.  Now, more than ever in the challenge of the global economy and digital generation, QinetiQ Training’s ‘more for less’ approach really works.

Agile, innovative, strategic partnerships, harnessing a wrap of technologies means you can do far more, for much less money. We help you obtain greater flexibility from the assets you’ve got today, offering many more training options for what you might do tomorrow.

Talking about future learning, our People Who Know How operate in a hub of digital creativity and technical experimentation, constantly exploring new ways to create training systems that accurately replicate the risks of any high risk scenario you can imagine.

We can help you define the right blend of live and synthetic training to ensure your teams achieve a high state of readiness for the unique challenges they may face. Our training systems are based solely on the specific outcomes you require. To do more with less, your employees are a critical discriminator and must be trained to best effect. So, we are changing our strategic direction to future proof safe training, whether distributed or asynchronous across generations.

Find out more about QinetiQ Training , and how our transformational approach can help you achieve your training goals, and learn more about our vision to transform the way the world delivers training

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